Monday, December 1, 2014

Cutesy Is Back For More Elf Adventures!

Boogs has been mentioning Cutesy the Elf quite a bit during the past several weeks. I reminded him that Cutesy never visits us before Thanksgiving week is over. The day after Thanksgiving, Boogs was ready to put up Christmas decorations in hopes of hurrying Cutesy to our house. We finished putting up the decorations Saturday afternoon. Boogs put his D.J. monkey ornament on first and put a little bell ornament he made when he was three on last. Daddy helped him reach the top of the tree to put on the Santa topper.
 I guess decorating worked, Cutesy was waiting for Boogs on Sunday morning.
 Cutesy had a letter and some special polar ice cap (rock candy) candy with him.
 Boogs was sooooo happy to see him again.
On Monday morning, Boogs found Cutesy with a new friend. Cutesy had turned Boogs into an elf. I think Cutesy used photo shop to put a hat on a picture of Boogs.
Boogs thought it was pretty weird to see himself as an elf. There was a  name on the bottom of the new elf's shoe - "ELFY".
Cutesy and Elfy were playing Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe. Boogs and I made that game when Boogs was in Kindergarten. It looked like Cutesy was about to win.
Boogs checked on them after school and it looked like Elfy was trying to cheat. He had stacked all of Cutesy's pieces on top of each other while he covered the board with a double win. Boogs said, "Elfy still did not win. See, Cutesy's pieces still have three in a row. The pieces are stacked up on top of each other for a win."

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