Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cutesy the Elf Day 3 & 4

While Boogs and I were chatting the other day, he mentioned that he missed some of Cutesy's mischief and nonsense. Then Boogs practically quoted the letter from four years ago that first introduced him to Cutesy. Boogs figured Cutesy has grown up into a proper elf over the past four years. Luckily, our new elf, Elfy, is full of mischief and nonsense.

Cutesy & Elfy Day 3: Elfy and the Purple Minion trapped Cutesy in Legos. They were adding blocks to the trap when Boogs found them Tuesday morning.
Poor Cutesy!
When Boogs came home from school, Cutesy had escaped the trap. The Purple Minion was defeated and Elfy was in the trap. Boogs said, "I think the Purple Minion was the bad guy who trapped Cutesy. Look, Cutesy turned the trap into a perfect sized chair for Elfy."

Cutesy & Elfy Day 4: Cutesy brought Boogs a multiplication fact crack-the-code sheet to solve. We weren't sure if Elfy was using the flash cards to help Cutesy or if he was using the flash cards to look at the answers and cheat. Boogs said the smile on Elfy's face looked pretty sneaky.
Cutesy must have been a little tired when he wrote the coded message. There was one little mistake on it. Boogs easily fixed it. The message said, "A Santa treat is hidden under the Christmas tree skirt. Enjoy!"
Boogs figured out the message and raced to the tree. He found a Santa Pez dispenser under the tree skirt. Boogs said, "Cutesy probably brought me the Santa Pez because he might be a little homesick for the North Pole."

Since Cutesy seemed a little homesick, I decided to make a Santa lunch today.
In the ELB lunchbox: Christmas colors - green broccoli with Santa pick, red strawberries with candy cane pick, green pickles & red tomatoes with Santa pick, red-ish garlic bologna, yogurt, and Zbar. Boogs did not take the Pez to school.

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  1. Custesy sounds like a mischievous elf! He brings lots of joy to the house that is clear. :)