Sunday, April 27, 2014

What We've Been Up To

The month of April has simply flown by! Boogs has been busy this month with turning 8, Easter at Nonnie's house, swim team, soccer, Math Pentathlon, Lego Bricks class, playdates, cooking, visiting parks, playing video games, and just hanging out at home.

We almost missed our family Easter get together. SOMEONE forgot to tell me that the family gathering was taking place on Saturday, not Sunday. Boogs, Daddy, and I went out to brunch with friends on Saturday and then started taking care of some errands. My sister called about 1:30 and asked where we were. What? Apparently, everyone was waiting to eat until we arrived. Oops! We told them to go ahead and eat. It was almost 2:30 by the time we made it. At least Boogs did not miss the Easter egg hunt. I did not have a chance to get my camera before driving to Nonnie's house. My phone pics did not turn out well.

Eight egg hunters raced to find eggs in Nonnie's backyard and in the greenbelt area directly behind the house. Each egg contains 25 cents and a few special ones have $1. The kids have never complained about not getting candy in their eggs.
Boogs had to work to get down the high eggs in a couple of trees.
Only Easter eggs were found in the woods, no snakes. Yay!
My brother made 3 dozen cascarones (confetti eggs) this year and filled them with confetti and glitter. I HATE when he puts glitter in them. I took pictures from the protection of the living room.
 Everyone was covered in glitter.
 I stole this picture from my niece. Boogs loves this part of our Easter family get togethers!
Boogs got a little bit of help from Daddy for better aim.
Counting the egg money is always fun! Boogs collected $9.75 this year. Wahoo!
After the hunt, we spent a few hours visiting, eating lots of junk, playing games, and trying to pick glitter off each other. I think Boogs still had a few pieces of glitter stuck to his scalp for at least three days.

Boogs made up his own game in the backyard. He took an ice chest, bucket, foam roller, and his bike helmet to make a crash dummy. He then used his bat to see how far he could make the crash dummy fly. I played too and it was fun.
My husband called a lawn service to come an aerate our lawn. Before they came, we had to mark the sprinkler heads so they would not be damaged. My husband decided to turn the sprinkler marking into a fun job for Boogs. Boogs had to go around putting flags by the sprinkler heads while they were spraying.
He got soaked but had fun with this chore.
Boogs used his Christmas, birthday, and chore money to buy a 3DS. He has been very happy with his purchase. (Daddy approved it.)
Boogs and Daddy worked together to finish Lego Mindstorm Robotics R3PTAR.
The R3PTAR is like a King Cobra snake. You can program it or use a remote control to make it slither around. I has a sensor in its head that causes it to strike when something is in front of its face. It is really cool! 

This weekend we are working on Boogs' Science Share Project. I better go see how he is doing with it.


  1. The the most fun easter egg hunt! It is usually just chocolate eggs and after eating them everything is gone unlike when you have money! YOu can buy something better =)

    Love your family gathering looks fun!

    And those 3ds and those lego toys are awesome too. You were busy =) #countrykids

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. We decided years ago that the kids really did not need MORE candy. They are happy with the coins.

  2. What a great round up of lovely fun with lots of outdoor time spent with family! I do love how creative children can be with their own play and like Boogs crash dummy creation - I know my boys would like that one! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Great fun, and a good egg haul there! #countrykids