Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boogs 8th Birthday Skylanders Party

Boogs had a very busy birthday weekend.
His grandparents came down from Canada to help celebrate his 8th birthday. On April 5th, Boogs started his day with birthday balloons tied to his bedroom door. One of his classes at school had a field trip to the Austin Aquarium at 9 a.m., so we moved his birthday party to one in the afternoon. Grandmaman and Grandpapa took him to the Aquarium so I could stay home and get ready for the party. Boogs wore his homemade sting ray shirt to the Aquarium. Grandmaman said they had a good time. She even got to pet a bat ray.

Boogs was super excited for his friends to arrive for his Skylanders Party. Since it was Boogs' 8th birthday, he got to invite 8 friends over for a party. Details on the preparations for the party can be found HERE.

There were stations set up in the backyard with directions on the signs. You could earn a token for completing each station. By the end of the party you could have tokens for each of these sources: Tech, Life, Undead, Air, Earth, Fire, Magic, Water, and I made up a token for defeating the Kaos pinata.

Camo's Melon Smash: smash the melons to get a gumball Life source. Boogs liked this one. He said the melons were very easy to smash.

Prism Break's Puzzle Build: By the end of the party, this 150 piece Skylanders puzzle was complete. I was shocked that we did not lose any of the pieces in the grass.

3-In-A-Row: We played tic-tac-toe with the Skylanders characters I taped onto a Toss Across game.
Tree Rex's Plants: I think this was my favorite station to watch the kids complete. There were markers and paint pens for decorating small terra cotta pots. Most of the boys just wrote their name on their pots. The girls actually decorated them. Everyone seemed to like taking home the plant they potted.

Zap's Sharks Out Of Water: Boogs said this was his favorite station. There were two buckets about three feet apart. You had to use a straw, suck a little paper shark onto the end of the straw, and then transfer it to the other bucket. Look at how much Boogs' cheeks were sucked in trying to keep the fish on the end of his straw. I made sure all of the straws at the station were different colors so no one would use the same one.
Chompie Smash: I forgot about this station during the party. A few kids had already left when Boogs asked when we were going to do it. We tied a balloon around each kid's ankle. The object of the game was to smash each others balloons. Last person still wearing a balloon was the winner. This game got a little competitive.

Trigger Happy's Golden Can Shoot: This was a fun station!!! Use a foam water cannon to knock down a pyramid of cans. There were enough cans for three people to compete at once. Eventually, even the adults started playing at this station. My sister and I went a couple of rounds here. I did not get many pictures of the kids playing it because I was trying to keep the kids from shooting water at each other. It was kind of a chilly day.
Jet Vac's House of Air: The kids spent a lot of time in the bouncy house.

Spyro's Tail Pin: Each year, Boogs asks for some kind of Pin-the-Tail-on-the (_____) game. This year he wanted to pin a tail on the Spyro character. After the kids played, my teenage niece, her friend, and my mother took a turn.

Kaos Pinata: I was very happy with how this Kaos pinata turned out. When I was making it, I figured four layers of newspaper would be the right amount to make it strong enough for each kid to get a chance to hit it but not too strong for it to break. (The Frankenstein pinata I made a few years ago was so strong that my brother had to work really hard to smash it open after all the kids had a turn.)
Boogs hit it first. It had a gaping hole in the center of the face by the time all of the kids had taken a turn. Then, Boogs finished it off without a blind fold.

Hot Dog's Make A Wish: To earn a Fire Source token, you had to sing Happy Birthday to Boogs and watch him blow out the candle. I was really sad that I did not get a picture of him blowing out his candle.

I think Boogs had an excellent time at his 8th Birthday party.
We considered ourselves lucky on Sunday morning when it rained and thunder stormed. The storm cancelled our breakfast outing and Boogs' soccer game. Boogs ended his birthday weekend by going to his first hockey game with his dad and grandpapa. Boogs was worn out by the time his birthday weekend was over.

I sent Boogs to school with a lunch to match one of his new Skylanders Swap Force characters - Magna Charge
In the EasyLunchbox: Magna Charge drawn on Provolone cheese with food markers, Magna Charge letters spelled with radish, pb&j sandwich under cheese, dried apricots, raisins, salad with radish letters, and yogurt (not shown).

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  1. You must have spent ages setting up all those activities. What a fun party. Glad the weather was in your favour for the party at least. Belated Happy Birthday, Boogs. #CountryKids

    1. Boogs and his friends had fun. I was glad my in-laws were here to help set everything up.

  2. So much fun not just for the kids but for the adults as well. Priceless smiles =) #countrykids

  3. Love Boogs Stingray t shirt! Happy Birthday to him. The party looks like it was a great success. So much preparation! My nearly 6yr old loves Skylanders too! #CountryKids

  4. I would think you earned lots of Mummy brownie points for organising such a wonderful birthday party. Skylanders is so popular and the activities looked so much fun, I'm glad Boogs had a wonderful birthday and his grandparents were there to celebrate with him too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. What a wonderful party!
    Fab photos x

  6. This is brilliant, my oldest will turn eight soon and loves Skylanders, you've just given me some great ideas :) #CountryKids

    1. Be sure to check out the links to the blog posts I used for ideas. They were very helpful.