Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Halloween Lunches

Most of the time, Boogs lunches are inspired by the books we read together. Boogs chose Monsters Party All Night Long by Adam J.B. Lane for his lunch on Monday. We both thought this page from the book would be perfect inspiration for a lunch.
I tried to find foods that would look as much like the ones in the book as possible. The little signs say - toe jam on toast, snot dogs, eyeball puffs, french bunion soup, finger sandwiches, and scab croquettes.

I used toast with jam for toe jam on toast, little smokies with green food dye for snot dogs, kalamata olives with cheese for eyeball puffs, little smokies with cheese in bread triangles for finger sandwiches, raspberries for scab croquettes, and cottage cheese with a corner of toast for french bunion soup. I threw in some carrots for a little bit of veggies.

Boogs was disgusted! He asked me to take out the snot dogs and replace them with regular ones. He also told me he did not want to leave any of the signs in this lunch because they were "just plain gross". He did end up eating this lunch snot dog free and with the signs left at home.

I was tired and had slept in the morning I made this lunch. I asked Boogs if he would mind a "normal" lunch instead of a story-themed lunch. He asked if he could add some picks to the normal lunch to make it have a theme. I let him go pick crazy!
In the ELB: ham & salami on skewers, Babybel cheese, Chex Mix, blueberries, and some leftover spinach tortellini with pesto sauce. Boogs added the picks - Frankenstein, tombstone, zombie hand, two eyeballs, and an Angry Birds ring.

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