Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun Fall Weekend

Boogs stayed with my parents on Friday night so my husband and I could attend the Black & White Charity Ball for the Texas Advocacy Project. It was fun to dress up and go out like real grown-ups.

We met my parents for lunch to reclaim Boogs. We spent the rest of the day at home. It was a cool evening so we built a fire in the back porch fireplace and roasted hot dogs for dinner with roasted marshmallows for dessert.

Daddy also taught Boogs how to do this today:

We decided to break tradition this year and skip the Fall Pumpkin Patch at Sweet Berry Farms. It has gotten so overcrowded these past two years that we decided to try out a different pumpkin patch this year. We went to Barton Hills Farms in Bastrop. It was a great place.

 We all enjoyed trying to make three in a row in the bean bag toss.
We had loads of fun playing tetherball. Boogs got hit in the head a couple of times but kept on playing. We also tried to make the washer on a string land on a hook. Whew, we came close, but did not do it.
Boogs loved the "jumping pillow". He waited in line for it twice. He got pretty high on some of his bounces. There was a local band playing some very "interesting" music. Boogs and Daddy danced while waiting in line for the train.
There was also a little tractor pulled train. The driver went super fast and the ride was extremely bumpy.
Barton Hills Farms has a nice little corn maze. Boogs led the way and we made it through the entire maze very quickly.
We took a break to eat giant dill pickles and sausage wraps before heading to the pumpkin patch. Boogs and Daddy picked our a great pumpkin for carving next weekend.
We had a great weekend and are loving the cool 70 degree temperatures. I hope this cool weather stays for awhile.

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  1. Funny to think of 70 degrees as cool! Looks like you did well to break with tradition. What a fun day out and I'm loving that pull along train. Going to pin this one on my aspirations for Coombe Mill board. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

    1. When you can wear shorts for 9 months out of the year, any day you have to have long pants or sleeves feels cool.

  2. You both look wonderful all dressed up. The farm visit looks like a lot of fun.

  3. A great autumn tradition. Sounds like lots of fun. I love the outdoors bbq at home.

    1. We enjoy our family outings to a pumpkin patch each year.

  4. What a great post Keitha, I love that when it's cool in Texas, you can still wear tshirts, we sometimes rarely get a tshirt on in summer ha :) The corn maze looks like great fun, some of the farmers here are now starting to do this.
    I would love to take the girls to a great pumpkin patch like this, we are limited to huge crates of pumpkins in the supermarket. I'd much rather be able to go like you do to a farm to choose.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully you will be able to take your girls to one some day soon.