Sunday, September 22, 2013

Redneck Party

My husband decided he wanted to have a redneck party. What a fun theme for a party! One guest commented that she was disappointed with the food. She said, "The food is great for the redneck theme, but I didn't eat before I came over because you always make such delicious food for your parties." The food I served for the party was more fun than delicious.

I was surprised at how much people liked the watermelon on a stick. Behind the watermelon, were chips, pork rinds, crackers and spray cheese. I was surprised by how many people tried the spray cheese on top of the pork rinds.
 I made little signs for some of the food.
Our guests got a kick out of the toilet paper silverware holders. I also decided to use leftover party napkins and fast food napkins.
As guests entered, they were directed to the "Build Your Own Wine Glass" craft station. Whew, saved me the trouble of putting the bottoms onto all of those little plastic wine glasses. We had a ring toss game out just for fun.
 How can you have a redneck party without pigs in a blanket?
I made taco salad and only put lettuce and tomato on half so guests could choose to have or not have veggies.
 There were prizes for first and last place.

 And, of course, there were  costumes.

The focus on my point-and-shoot camera is getting a bit iffy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I really liked how this picture turned out. Sadly, many of the pictures were not in focus.

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