Saturday, April 6, 2013


Boogs turned 7 on Friday. I had to make a special birthday lunch for him:
In the Laptop Lunchbox: double layer pb&j "cake" with frosting and cheese 7, raisins & apricots, Bugles for party hats, salad with #7 snap pea, and yogurt with a frozen yogurt Texas for my big Texas boy. When I was making his lunch, Boogs asked, "Why is there a salami Texas in my yogurt?" He was happy to find out that it was not salami.

I cannot believe how quickly these years are flying by. It makes me a little sad that he is no longer a such a little guy, but I am very proud of the young man he is becoming. Flashback picture time:

For his birthday, Boogs asked to become a pet owner. He decided that he would like some fish. Last Saturday, we went to three different pet shops to look at fish and aquariums. At the third shop, we picked out the aquarium and its decorations.
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, which one should I get?
Then we went and looked at the other animals in the store, just for fun. We fell in love with a little Winter White Dwarf hamster. Daddy agreed that Boogs could take her home, too. Boogs named her Winter and has been having such a good time with her.

Boogs had to wait a week to get his fish. We wanted to be sure the aquarium was set up and ready for them. We also had to reinforce the dresser we wanted to put the fish tank on. The orange fish is a Sunburst Platy named Sticker because he likes to stick close to the plants. The other fish is a Ghost Catfish named Caty. Her body is clear, you can see right through her.

Our big 7-year-old on the morning of his birthday. Boogs is holding Winter in her exercise ball. We take her out of her cage every morning for a bit of exercise before we head to school/work.

GM & AJ he received both of your cards in time to open them on his birthday! He loved that they both contained a riddle.

Boogs had a great day. He is super excited about tomorrow. He is having a MineCraft themed birthday party with a small group of friends.


  1. Happy Birthday to Boogs! And congratulations to Winter, Sticker and Caty for finding a great new home!

    1. Carin, thanks so much for the birthday wishes to Boogs!