Friday, April 26, 2013

Lunches April 22nd - 26th

Boogs' lunches are inspired by the books we read at bedtime the previous evening. Each night, Boogs reads one book to me and I read a book or a chapter of a book to him. I usually post his lunches once a week. Click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post to see lunches from previous weeks.

A Porc in New York by Catherine Stock
Monsieur Monmouton's farm animals have left the farm in France and traveled on an airplane to New York City. It is up to Monsieru Monmouton and his dog, Cabot, to find them and bring them home. Luckily, they found a list of things the animals wanted to do on their vacation: Blooming Dells, boat trip, Central Park, Mooam Museum, Empire State Building, eat in Chinatown, and go to the Kool Kat Klub. They have quite an adventure. Boogs really enjoyed the fun colors and detailed illustrations. I had a hard time pronouncing the French words in the story. Luckily, Boogs' dad is French Canadian, French was his first language. He came in and snuggled with us for this bedtime story. He pronounced the French words for us. In the Laptop lunchbox: CutetZcute pig & sheep almond butter & jelly sandwiches, Pringles, grapes, broccoli, and carrots with hummus. There are also farm animal cupcake picks in the lunchbox. Cookie cutters make it very easy to fix a lunch fast. This lunch took less than 15 minutes to make. I am linking it to Bentos on the Bayou: 15 Minute Friday Linky Party

Owl At Home by Arnold Lobel
Owl is such a silly creature. He invites winter inside and starts to freeze. He wears himself out trying to run fast enough to be upstairs and downstairs at the same time. Boogs favorite short story in the book is the one where Owl has to sleep downstairs in a chair because he is worried about the two bumps moving in his bed (his feet under the cover). Boogs really enjoyed reading this book to me. In the ELB lunchbox: pb&j owl with cheese eyes, turkey, Mini Triscuits, cheese stick, fruit, and carrots with hummus.

This is our "throw some food in an ELB and run out the door" lunch for the week. It has Babybel cheese, dried apricots, salami, roll, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and pineapple.

Gertrude McFuzz by Dr. Seuss
Gertrude McFuzz is very upset with her one small tail feather. She finds out that she can eat a certain plant to make herself grow more tail feathers. Pretty soon she eats so many tail-growing berries that she is unable to fly. Gertrude has to go through the painful process of having all of the extra tail feathers removed. Boogs told me the lesson of this story is to be happy with who you are and not to change yourself to try and be like other birds. In the ELB lunchbox: grapes, carrots, broccoli, ham & cheese sandwich with Gertrude McFuzz drawn on a piece of cheese.

Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin by John Grogan
Boogs has a storybook treasury of Marley stories. Boogs likes to read seasonal/holiday books all year round. In this story, the family has grown a prize worthy pumpkin. Unfortunately, Marley's mischievous ways cause the pumpkin to roll down the street and smash into a bunch of pieces. Marley's owners are pretty upset until they realize they can still win a prize at the fair by making pies with their smashed up pumpkin. In the ELB lunchbox: almond butter & jelly Marley breaking out of his red licorice string leash, rice cake pumpkin pie with a cheese 1st place ribbon, orange pumpkin, grapes, and veggies.

Be sure to check out the wonderful sites I link to on my sidebar! If you want to see more book inspired lunches, click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post or go to My Story Themed Lunches board on Pinterest. I would love for you to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.


  1. As much as I love the lunches you make, I look equally forward to discovering new books to check out from our library! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays! Your lunches are perfect, as always!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. There are so many wonderful children's books to read. I am glad Boogs still likes his story themed lunches.

  2. Great lunches as always, Keitha!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!