Saturday, April 27, 2013


I have not been making very many cards lately. Here are the few that I have remembered to photograph in the past several months.

I love the Pocket Fun stamp set from Stampin Up. We are going to a birthday party for another 7-year-old in Boogs' class today.

I can't remember where this chip board flower came from. I used a sponge and Rose Red ink pad to get the color I wanted on it. Instead of ribbon, I used twill tape.

I saw a tutorial for a pop-up card using small strips of transparency sheets. My Stamp Lady's directions in the video were very easy to follow. I decided to try it with the Stampin Up Hedgehog Happiness set. This is one of the first stamp sets I bought over a decade ago.

I covered up the greeting for this pic.
Boogs and I had fun making these shaving cream thank you cards for his Christmas presents. We put shaving cream in a big bowl, added a few drops of food coloring, and swirled the color around. Then we laid paper flat on top of the color and lifted it off. Once you scape off the excess shaving cream, you can see the cool patterns of color left on the paper.

I love this Extreme Skateboard Stamp from Stampin Up. It is perfect for making boy cards.

 This is just a simple card using the Stampin Up Bird Builder Punch. I love how clean and simple this card looks.


Birthday card using the Stampin Up Toy Box set. Boogs helped pick out which stamps to include. 

Boogs made his own thank you cards for his Minecraft birthday party.