Monday, September 3, 2012

Lego Kids Fest

Lego Kids Fest came to Texas this past weekend. I scooped up tickets as soon as I heard about it. Sessions for all three days sold-out before the Texas sessions began. Boogs was so excited. A few years ago, The Mayborn Museum had a Lego exhibit that Boogs still talks about. Here are a few pictures of our Lego Fest fun:
There were so many amazing Lego sculptures!

Boogs built his own car and then got to race it down the ramp.

I should have gotten a better picture of the size of the pile of bricks behind Boogs. Boogs built a parking garage.

If you look closely, you can see the chicken on the man's head and an egg splattered on his shoulder.

I told Boogs he could spend $10 on Legos to take home. I assumed he would buy 3 mini figures. He found a slightly larger Alien Conquest set than the one in this picture. A salesperson told us they were 50% off, so that $30 set was $15. I told Boogs I would spot him an extra $5. There were a few other 50% off sets and the one in this picture was on sale for $10. Boogs said, "Momma, this one is $10 and I really like it and it is in my budget. So, I wanna get this one instead of the other one that is out of my budget." He is such a sweet boy.

There were opportunities to build all sorts of creations. Sometimes it got a little bit crowded.

Ninjago Battle!

Boogs really liked this Ninjago!

I thought this was clever marketing by Bissell. Boogs thought it was fun to vacuum the Lego pieces. The salesperson watched Boogs vacuum and commented, "He is a very meticulous child, isn't he?"

We spent a loooooooong time in the book store area. Boogs 'read' every page in this Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.
Boogs let me know when he was ready to go home. He stood still for a minute, looked around and said, "I think I am on Lego overload. Can we leave now?" He almost fell asleep on the way home. Boogs and I had a great time. My husband was supposed to come with us, but he could not make it. He had a crazy week at work and also got another promotion. Work is going to keep him busy!


  1. Every child loves Lego, what a great day out!

  2. Replies
    1. The crowd was mostly filled with boys. But there were a few girls,too.

  3. What a wonderful time!! I love that he wanted to stay in his budget!! That is great! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!!

  4. Your son sounds like such a super kid!! Love the pic of him standing in all those lego bricks :-) We went to a lego expo not long ago too, such fun. And interestingly in Australia we just say 'lego' for the plural, rather than 'legos', love finding these little cultural differences through blogging! And thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times :-)

    1. That's funny. I tried to say a few sentences without the 's' on the end and it sounds funny to me. "Pick your Legos up before someone steps on them." It just sounds right to me this way. My husband have discussed quite a few things that we each say differently. He is Canadian.