Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Weekend

It has been too long since my husband, son, and I have spent an entire weekend together just relaxing and playing. We enjoy staying busy with kickball, swimming, festivals, amusement parks and all of that stuff. But, it was really nice to have a mostly unscheduled weekend. We spent almost all of Saturday in the backyard. The weather was gorgeous. My husband and Boogs put together the Alien Conquest Lego set we purchased at Lego Fest.

We got out balls, bats, and hockey sticks and played an interesting combo of baseball, hockey, and soccer.  We also ate lunch and dinner on the back porch.

Slap shot!

That one got by Daddy!

On Sunday morning, Boogs and I played games, made a couple of crafts, and put together sentences on his magnetic board. We spent the rest of the day at friend's house swimming and visiting. We came home just in time to eat dinner before heading down the block for a neighborhood ice cream social.
I made this maze here with a free image converter. You can type in anything and it will turn it into a maze. There are several other text layout options for spirals, heart, waves, etc. Fun!

Here is the post about our magnetic board.

We need to spend more weekends like this!


  1. Ohhh, isn't it lovely to have a weekend at home and spend time doing simple but fun things with the family :-) Sounds like you all had a great one. Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times x