Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our House Guest

My sister and her family went on vacation last week and asked us to take in a house guest. Skyler, my niece's bunny, stays mostly in his cage. How much trouble could one little rabbit be?

When my sister dropped off the bunny on her way out of town, she told me four things before she smiled and left: 1. He sheds horribly and should be brushed everyday (even though it was obvious that he had not been brushed in quite a while). 2. Watch out because he is like a goat and eats everything including paper, cardboard, and electrical wires. (She specifically said that he has never eaten fabric.)  3. We couldn't find the lid to his cage and he can jump out by himself. 4. He is very fast and will crawl into small places and hide for days.

Boogs has really enjoyed having Skyler stay with us this week. My husband and I have discovered that we might be allergic to bunnies. It is either the bunny or the mold/pollen counts in the air. The good thing about this bunny is that he is potty trained. So, we let him roam around Boogs' playroom. Boogs made sure there was no paper, cardboard, or anything else within Skyler's reach. I was in the kitchen one afternoon and Boogs yelled, "Momma, come quick! Skyler is eating my curtains!" Great! Luckily, Skyler only nibbled a very small hole in the curtain lining.

Overall, Skyler has been a good house guest. Boogs has really enjoyed him. I am looking forward to Skyler being picked up tomorrow. We have been brushing Skyler everyday on the back porch but there are still tumbleweeds of rabbit hair drifting all over my house. If my sister needs us to, we will take Skyler in again.