Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lunches June 4th - June 8th

Boogs' lunches are inspired by the books we read at bedtime the previous evening. Each night, Boogs reads one book to me and I read two books to him. I usually post his lunches once a week. Click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post to see lunches from previous weeks.

Humphrey The Lost Whale by Wendy Tokuda
This book is based on a true story. It tells about a whale who gets turned around and lost in the San Francisco Bay. He ends up swimming up the Sacramento River. It takes a lot of effort and teamwork to get Humphrey headed in the right direction and back out to sea. At the end of the book, there is an "update" page about Humphrey. Humphrey ended up beaching himself in shallow water and having to be rescued again a few years after the rescue detailed in this book. Boogs was very interested in this story. He had lots of questions about salt water vs. fresh water, why Humphey got lost, where Humphey's friends were and why did they not help him, etc. In the lunchbox: almond butter & jelly Humphrey sandwich with cheese eye, blueberry "water", pita chips, broccoli, and applesauce. 

Little Miss Spider by David Kirk
Little Miss Spider pops out of her egg and wonders where her mother is. After a long search and nearly being gobbled by birds, Little Miss Spider is adopted by Betty Beetle. She discovers that a mother is the creature who loves you best. Boogs and I have read this sweet story many times. In the ELB lunchbox: grilled cheese sandwich with Little Miss Spider made of cheese and fruit leather, carrots in hummus, and berries.

The Unexpectedly Bad Hair of Barcelona Smith by Keith Graves
Barcelona Smith is extremely concerned with keeping himself away from all dangers. He is "properly prudent" when it comes to roses, pets, playgrounds, rain, and smiling. One day, Barcelona's hair went bananas. It flipped Barcelona upside down and carried him out of the house. His hair pushed and pulled Barcelona through everything he usually tried to avoid. Boogs laughed and laughed at the antics of Barcelona's hair. Barcelona's hair helped him discover the joy of letting loose and enjoying life without being overly afraid of everything. In the ELB lunchbox: Barcelona toast with cheese life jacket, blue ramen noodle hair, radish roses (use your imagination to see the roses), tall trees broccoli, strawberries, yogurt, and juice.

When A Line Bends... A Shape Begins by Rhonda Gowler Greene
"When a line swerves, when a line bends, watch what can happen... a shape begins!" This is another book about shapes. When/if I go back to teaching in an elementary classroom, I will make sure this book is in my box of math picture books. James Kaczman's illustrations perfectly match the rhyming text for each shape. Rectangle is "a rug that warms the floor". The text gives many examples of each shape that children can easily find around them. Boogs and I did a quick shape hunt in his bedroom after reading each shape's two page spread. He also loved trying to find all of the items mentioned in the text in each illustration. In the lunchbox: circle salami, rectangle crackers, oval tomatoes, oval spinach leaves, star cucumbers, triangle cheese, watermelon hearts, and a banana crescent.

We have had a busy first week of summer - daily swim team practice, Spanish class, car repair, Fiesta Texas amusement park, visiting with friends, "morning work", library, my wedding anniversary, and also some relaxing down time. I am really enjoying the extra time Boogs and I get to spend together now that school is over. We are going out to lunch with friends on the 8th, so I did not make a lunch for Friday.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. I bet he has so much fun opening up lunch every day. What a clever idea.

  2. Your lunches are so gosh darn cute and creative!! Great job!

  3. What wonderful books!When A Line Bends... A Shape Begins sounds like a book we need to look for! Your lunches are awesome!

  4. Thank you for the kind comments. My son loves his story lunches and I enjoy making them.

  5. Little Miss Spider looks so adorable--I am going to have to find it! I love that sandwich too!! Thanks for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!!

  6. I always love seeing what books you are reading and your creative lunches to go with them. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  7. Your spider is AMAZING!! What fun. I love that you are still doing lunches in the summer =) Thanks for sharing on TGIF! Look forward to seeing you again later today =-)