Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Boogs was excited about Father's Day. Last week we went shopping, made some things, and wrapped a couple of present. Boogs loves shopping for the perfect gift for his Daddy. Of course, that gift always happens to be something that Boogs wants to work on WITH Daddy. This year Boogs picked out a Tabletop Catapult. It looks like a pretty neat kit.

I helped Boogs make a card using a photo idea we saw on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the pin does not lead back to an original source for the idea. This is our version:

Boogs was deciding what should be opened first.

Tabletop Catapult 

Every Father's Day, Boogs chooses a picture book about Fathers.

We trace his hand in the book and record the year.

We started doing this when he was 2-years-old.

We had a relaxing family day. We went out for brunch. Then the three of us hopped on scooters and rode around our neighborhood for about an hour. It was so hot that we had to spend the next couple of hours at the neighborhood pool cooling off. Boogs loves his Daddy very much!

UPDATE: I found the original shadow picture here.


  1. What a great tradition you have with the books! And any kid would love to build a catapult with their dad!! Super fun :-) And your shadow photo is sooo clever ~ love it! Thanks for sharing at happy Family Times :-)

  2. I love the hand tracing and recording the year, what a lovely idea!