Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hodge Podge of the Past Week

Boogs is spending the week with my parents and a few of his cousins. I am enjoying a bit of kid-free time. I have to admit that the house is WAY TOO QUIET! I miss my little side-kick. Here a few pictures of what we were up to during the past week or so.
Lunch at Chuy's.
(This was lunch and the leftovers were part of dinner.)

Swim Meet. Boogs is in the last lane looking the wrong direction.

I love watching the 6 and under kids dive in. It looks like
 Boogs is walking on water in the last lane.

Grating zucchini.
Boogs likes to help out in the kitchen.

Cracking eggs w/o getting eggshells in the bowl!

Zucchini Tots Yum!

Boogs' morning work this day was to find 10 things around
the house to measure in inches.

Swimming with friends.

Swimming with more friends.

Celebrating my 42nd b-day a little early before Boogs left for
Nonnie and Poppa's house for the week.

Wahoo! A new Mac Mini is coming my way.
This picture is awkward looking because my
husband told me to move the card into the light.
We also went to swim team practice four times last week. It rained too much one day to swim. Boogs had Spanish class twice last week. We had friends over for playdates at our house. We are certainly enjoying our summer.

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  1. Happy birthday :-) And enjoy the quiet while you can, although I always find it hard when the kids are out or away... And your little sidekick looks like he had a great week. Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times!