Thursday, February 16, 2012

Library Explorers Club

We love our local library. They have so many wonderful programs for kids. Each Thursday, I take Boogs to the Explorers Club. Every month the club has the following themes: Crafty Kid, Super Storytime, Silly Science, and Lego lab. Boogs looks forward to the hands-on activities. Last week's Silly Science was about catapults. He made two different kinds, one with an egg carton cup and one with a spoon launcher. So much fun!

They changed it up today. Instead of Super Storytime, the librarians put on 3 short puppet shows. After the show, the puppets came out to greet the children. We were one of the last to leave because Boogs was making the dragon puppet chew on its own fingers over and over and over again. 5 is such a great age!
Beginning of the puppet show.
Boogs with the wolf.

Boogs with Ms. K and the dragon.

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