Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boogs Lost His First Tooth

Boogs has had a loose tooth for at least a month. His permanent tooth is growing in behind his baby tooth. He had his 6 month dental appointment on Tuesday. The dentist told Boogs to wiggle that tooth as much as possible. The dentist also said he would need to extract it, if it did not fall out within the next four weeks. I guess Boogs really listened about wiggling that tooth because it fell out the very next day. The first thing Boogs did after he realized that he lost his tooth, was to start singing, "We wish you a merry Christmas. Hey, I can say Christmas! I thought you couldn't say Christmas without all of your teeth." Silly boy.
I love how Boogs explained the tooth loss to Daddy. "Well, I caught my mouth on the backpack strap and spit it into my hand. I thought it was a piece of foam until I examined it closer and realized it was my tooth. It hurt when it snapped but now it doesn't. This is so cool. Now I can eat hard things again."
The Tooth Fairy came during the night and left Boogs $2. This morning, Boogs told me a very long and detailed story about how the Tooth Fairy started collecting teeth and turns the teeth into the stars in the night sky.

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