Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boogs Busy Saturday

I have recently felt like I have not been doing enough with Boogs. I have been doing a lot of things for and to him, but have not slowed down and just spent a day hanging out doing what he wanted to do. So we made Saturday a special Boogs day.

When I woke up, Boogs was in his room counting the money in his piggy bank. He asked if I would help him. It took quite a while to count up $22.46 in coins.

 Next, Boogs wanted to make domino chains. He used to love watching FlippyCat videos on You tube.

We ate breakfast, got dressed, and headed to Home Depot for a Kids Workshop. Boogs got to make a Valentine box. He said hammering was his favorite part of this project.

Ta-da! Now is has to dry.
It has been MONTHS since we went to craft time at the Lakeshore Learning Shore. Boogs made a writing journal and spent a while checking out all the cool merchandise at the store.

We went home for lunch, took a nap (I tried to take a nap, Boogs wanted nothing to do with a nap), and then headed out to his favorite park for some fresh air and texture rubbings.
His favorite texture rubbing was the
one that looked like a beehive.
We came back home and spent the rest of the afternoon playing most of the games in our game cabinet. We even had time to work on his "just for fun" kindergarten math workbook before dinner. It was a very good, but very exhausting day.


  1. What a fun day! Pickle went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop for some just him & daddy time and made the same box. He loves the first Saturdays of the month. I think he would like texture rubbings too, good idea, thanks!

    1. Glad Pickle enjoyed it. Boogs wants to make it a monthly "thing".