Friday, October 1, 2010

Treasure Box

 A couple of weeks ago, Boogs and I bought an unpainted "treasure box" from Michael's. Boogs finally wanted to paint it this week. Of course he chose orange, his favorite color. After the box dried, we played Treasure Hunt. Boogs decorated eight pieces of paper with ink and stamps and I wrote clues on the back of each page. Each clue led to the next clue's hiding spot, with the final clue leading Boogs to the treasure box. The clues had Boogs moving a different way to get to each new place. They said things like "run to the place where your Science equipment lives", "hop on one foot and peek behind the smallest sofa", "crawl to the place where you pick out your night time story". He had a great time following the clues to his treasure. Inside the treasure box was a single marshmallow. Boogs wanted to play this game over and over again.


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