Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Science Experiments

Chemical Reaction to Inflate A Balloon - Boogs loves to make volcano explosions with baking soda and vinegar. We decided to try a different experiment that was not quite so messy. We put baking soda and lemon juice in an empty water bottle and covered the opening with a balloon. The baking soda and lemon juice combined and made CO2 gas rise up and push out the balloon. Boogs shook the bottle around to see if he could make the balloon bigger. Shortly after that he said, "Okay, that was a little experiment, now I need a really big one."

Air Spinners - We cut strips of paper and then connected them into fish shaped loops. We used printer paper and construction paper and varied the length of the tails. Boogs stood on top of a small chair and tried to drop the spinners in to a box. His observations: "Putting a short tail spinner is easier to get into the box. The long tail spinners were harder because they swirled the most and kind of didn't go into the box." "Construction paper twirled just like regular paper. I think they were like the same."

Water Patterns - We made 3 small holes in the lid of a small bottle and filled the bottle with hot water and food coloring. We place the bottle into a bowl of cold water. We watched the hot colored water rise up in spiral patterns as it pushed the cold water out of the way. Boogs observations: "It looks like smoke coming right at us, like 3-D. Looks like clouds." After a few minutes he noticed, "All the water is the same now. They mixed together."

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