Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching up on last week

We were busy last week and I let the blog writing get away from me. I have started a new eating plan and have been calorie counting. So, if I pass my calorie limit in a day, I have been getting on my elliptical machine to make up the difference. I had three gym workouts last week and put in 24 miles with walking, running and elliptical. I was exactly 4 calories over my limit for the week. Not too bad. But it is taking up more of my evening after Boogs goes to bed.

It rained a lot last week. We took a few walks in the rain. Boogs discovered that he can fit behind the shrubs in front of the house. We had to find indoor things to keep us occupied. We read a lot of books last week. Last Tuesday, Boogs and I went to visit my brother in Buda and take him lunch. My brother had back surgery and is kind of stuck in the house for a bit. Boogs said he liked going over there because Uncle Robert has good cartoons on his TV. On Wednesday, Boogs had a friend over for the day. We went to the library story time, made a 4th of July craft, and played for hours. Thursday was a quiet day for us. We ran errands and just hung out around the house. On Friday, we went to Belton to visit friends. Boogs’ loves Ms. Chris’ house. There are 3 dogs and 4 kids there. “B” and Boogs spent a lot time playing with an overhead projector. It startled me at first when I walked in “B’s” room and saw the writing on the wall. Boogs had a good time. We came home just in time for bed. Saturday was a quiet day for us.

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