Thursday, July 22, 2010

Austin Science and Nature Center

The other day, Boogs and I went to the Austin Science and Nature Center. Boogs was really interested in looking at the insect collections and seeing things (flea, tick, weed, dirt) in the microscope. He also liked guessing what was in the "feely" boxes.

Outside there are a couple of trails. I would not recommend going on them when it is almost 100 degrees outside. Boogs spent a little bit of time playing in the dinosaur sand pit. It is a lot like the sand pit at Champion Park, but Champion Park is shaded. 

Boogs spent most of our time in the creek. He never fell in, but when he squatted down to look at some minnows, he soaked the seat of his shorts. After that, I told him he could get as wet as he wanted because we were going to have to change his clothes anyway. Luckily, I had an extra set of clothes. It was very amusing when he squawked at a bird and the bird walked closer to answer him. The bird stayed a few feet away from Boogs for almost 5 minutes. 

There are several animals kept in outdoor cages and smaller animals kept in indoor cages. I think Boogs' favorite animal was the coyote.

We left the center and then had lunch at Magnolia Cafe. Boogs wanted to know why there was not a salad on the kid's menu. He ordered a salad and asked the waiter to make sure they put extra croutons on the salad. The waiter said they did not have croutons. Boogs was very upset by that news. They were very nice at the cafe and cut up some toasted bread for croutons. Boogs loved them. We had a really nice day together.

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