Sunday, December 2, 2018

Thanksgiving Break

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Boogs and his Dad went hunting, so I had the house to myself for a few days. They came back in time to get things ready for Thanksgiving Day. On Thanksgiving Day, my family came over and we had a great meal, time to visit, played games, and watched football.
We forgot to do a group pic this year but I did remember to bring out our "thankful leaves".  It is fun to read leaves from previous years and add new ones each year.
 We played Codenames Pictures. It is a word association and deduction game. It was a lot of fun.
We also played "Word-o-rama". (Adaptation of The Blogess' CrapScrabble) We took out a bunch of letter tiles, each player grabbed a handful, then made up a word and a definition. The rest of the players had to decide if your word was believable or not. Some of my favorite words: Zooyhathaing - Zookeeper leading hatha yoga class for the animals, teenagoney - agony of raising a teenager, bumpdabang - when you stub your toe on a corner.
Boogs had a friend over for the weekend. The boys wanted to sit around and play video games all of the time. I "made" them go to a trampoline place. They had fun.
The next day, I made them take a hike with me to the park.
The path was very overgrown. The sky was beautiful.
 The boys had fun even though the playground equipment was way too little for them.

 Ummmm... I don't think that is how that is supposed to work.

 I found a spot to relax and look at the clouds while they ran around.
The day before, the boys had made up a ridiculous and funny story after seeing the number 14 carved in a tree. They insisted I take a picture of the park sign because the address was 1414. Whoa, weird coincidence.
Our day ended way too fast. We had to take J2 back to his family. We met J2's mom at Hillcrest Cemetery in Temple. It is close to the halfway point between our houses, about an hour away from home. We read many of the historical markers throughout the cemetery.
We also looked for the oldest marker.
We had to make a stop at Buccee's before we parted company. Buccee's is a humongous gas station/convenience store. The boys grabbed a few toys and played around the shop until it was time to go. 
We were sad for our holiday week to come to an end. Luckily, Christmas break is coming soon.

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  1. glad you all had a good break. Love the idea of those Thanksgiving leaves, might have to adapt that one #Countrykids