Saturday, November 17, 2018

Penguin Ornaments

Every year, Boogs gets Grandmaman a new ornament for her Christmas tree. This year, we decided to make ornaments out of polymer clay.

I first took out this package of Creative Paperclay. It was a crumbly mess. Hmmmm... it has been in my craft room stash of stuff for a looong time. On the back of the package, it said it expired in June 2002. Whoops!
Next, I took out this Sculpey Clay to try again. I've had this package since before Boogs was born. It was perfectly fine.
We had to knead and warm up the clay a little to get it to cooperate.
Step 1: Roll the black clay into a round ball. This was about half an ounce of clay.
Step 2: Flatten the ball into a circle.
Step 3: Shape the flattened ball. We were making different looking penguins. I made mine into a pear shape, Boogs was more rounded.
Step 4: Roll a small amount of white clay into a ball. Then shape it to fit the bottom third to half of your penguin.
Step 5: Take a small pinch of orange clay to make a beak.
Step 6: Add eyes. I had a package of black sequins in one of my craft bins, so we decided to use those for eyes. I added white around the sequin. Boogs pushed his sequin directly into his penguin's head.

Step 7: Add accessories. I put a Santa hat, flippers, a candy cane, and feet on my penguin. Boogs decided to put ear muffs on his penguins. He rolled small pieces of red clay into balls and attached them to his penguins heads.
We used red Stampin' Up Wire Works wire to connect the ear muffs.
 Boogs added a little heart on the belly of each of his penguins.
 Look at that smile!
 These were ready to put in the oven.
Step 8: Twist a piece of wire into a loop and attach to back of penguin.

Step 9: Place clay artwork on an oven safe glass dish. Put in a 275 degree F oven for 15 minutes (or whatever your package of clay recommends).
Step 10: Take out of oven and let cool. Attach string to loop for hanging ornament on a Christmas tree.

I think these turned out so cute. You do have to be a little bit careful with them. I accidentally dropped my phone on my penguin when I was trying to take this picture. Oops!
My phone broke off one of my penguin's flipper arms and one foot. I pulled off the second foot and I think it still looks okay.

Boogs and I enjoyed working on these today. What kinds of Christmas crafting have you started doing?


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