Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cutesy the Elf Days 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Cutesy has been very busy lately.

Day 14: Cutesy was hiding in a great spot. It took quite a bit of time for Boogs to find him under the console table. Cutesy had a big yarn ball with a note, "I thought you needed to unwind. Pull here."
Boogs had a great time unwinding the yarn ball. He ran around the house while the ball unraveled in his wake. Boogs eventually started throwing the ball to make it unwind faster. He had to give that up when the ball narrowly missed knocking down the manger on top of the curio cabinet. Eventually, the last bit of yarn was removed to reveal a light up bouncy ball.
Day 15: Boogs awoke to find his doorway blocked by a giant balloon Christmas tree. The tree had to be relocated to the closet door in Boogs' bedroom so Boogs could get in and out of his room.
Every year, Cutesy the Elf tries to trap Boogs inside his room. This is what he did last year:
Boogs kept the lights on his door for weeks. But, he did have to rearrange them around the door frame to get out of his room.

Day 16: Boogs found Cutesy lounging in a deflated beach ball hammock with The Boys' Book of Adventure (I think Cutesy found the book at a used book store). Cutesy had bookmarked four pages. It looked like Cutesy had worked on the ideas from those four pages. He made himself a hammock, started a heroic saga for Boogs to finish, left a riddle to solve, and started designing a maze for Boogs to complete.
Day 17: Boogs did not finish the maze or the heroic saga, even though Cutesy asked him to. So, Cutesy decided to spend one more day with his hammock. Boogs found Cutesy trying to climb back in the hammock.
Day 18: Cutesy was hanging out in the curio cabinet with the Playmobile guy next to Nonnie and Papa's picture. That Playmobile guy has been hiding all over the house for three years. We went to a scuba diving museum in Florida several years ago. The museum had Playmobile figures hidden in each display room. It was like a treasure hunt to find them. We took that idea home with us. Since then, Boogs and I take turns hiding the Playmobile guy.
A week ago, Cutesy brought Boogs a gingerbread house. We finally got around to decorating it. I thing Boogs did a great job this year. It probably really helped that this house was pre-assembled. We always have so much trouble getting our walls to stay up.

What are your elves doing this year? You can find all of Cutesy's adventures for the past seven years on my Cutesy the Elf Pinterest board or by clicking the "elf" tag after this post.

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