Friday, December 24, 2021

Crochet Pieces I've Been Working On

I started crocheting last February. Here are some things I have made since I lasted posted my crochet pieces in July. Except for the ornaments, these have been requests by people actually willing to pay me to create them. Apparently, the mistakes I made in them came across as "having character". I really enjoy having new and challenging projects to work on.

This little puppy was made with velvet yarn. It is really slippery to work with. The kiddo that received it, snuggles with it each night when she goes to sleep.

A friend requested an Alligator Loki for her son. I tried my best.

I was asked to try and make a cat based off of this beautiful animal. It did not turn out like I wanted it to. After this picture was taken, I added eyelids to change the shape of the eyes and whiskers. That made it look a bit less like a Dr. Seuss character. This was the first time I had to brush out acrylic yarn to make it look like fur. Whew, that took FOREVER!

My principal asked if I could make her daughter a purple cat. It turned out much smaller than I expected.

I still have not finished this dog. I love the way the body turned out. The legs are a bit wonky but still okay. I have made the head at least three times. I can't get it quite right. For now, I have set it aside and will someday go back and finish it. I gave the person who asked for a dog, a cute little beagle instead of this one.

Another request for a purple cat. This one was made with velvet yarn and turned out twice as big as the other purple cat.

Instead of Christmas cards, this year I made ornament cards for my teaching team.
My aunt saw these ornaments posted on my facebook page and asked if I could make and send her a few. Hobby Lobby has so many cute Christmas themed buttons. These came together quickly.

The person who asked for the black cat, asked if I could make a caracal for her other kiddo. I told her I would try my best. I made one and HATED it.
So, I started over and tried again. I think they are both a bit sad. She still bought them.
This is a picture her son drew of a caracal.

I made a hedgehog for Boogs for Christmas. I think our elf is going to leave it for him on Christmas morning. The yarn is a little too dark to look like Nebraska, our pet hedgehog. I think it turned out cute.

Right now, I am almost finished making an Exorcist doll. It looks HORRIBLE and not much like it should, but it is a jokey Christmas gift for a friend. The green yarn is supposed to look like projectile vomit. So gross, but I bet it will get a good laugh.

Next, I want to try and make a cardigan sweater. I am not very good at following a pattern. I lose count and just start winging it. Thinking about trying to make sleeves come out an even length seems a bit intimidating.

Have you been crocheting, knitting, or crafting anything lately? 

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