Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cutesy the Elf December 7th - 13th

Texas is actually having a bit of a cold snap. We found Cutesy bundled up in a cozy pair of new pajama pants.

Cutesy transformed himself into a first place winning body builder. We don't really think he was able to develop that body overnight. I think Cutesy printed out some of Boogs' Dad's photos from his first place winning bodybuilding competition.
I especially liked the side view he added. 
Uh-oh! Cutesy found a hidden mess this morning. He was searching under the couch cushions for loose change. He found 14 cents, a puzzle piece, bits of chips, and a few popcorn pieces. I guess we should clean under there more often.
Cutesy brought Boogs the Grinch movie and some Grinch Pills (Tic Tac Mints) this morning. The back of the Grinch face had this poem: Feeling kinda grouch? Holiday spirit can't be found? Just try these little Grinch Pills. They're the best medicine around. Whether eating a whole handful, or munching one or two, these tasty little pills take the Grinch right out of you!
Every year, Cutesy brings Boogs a gingerbread house. He was extra clever this year, he found an interlocking house that will be easier to build. He must know this Momma has a hard time building a straight house with walls that don't fall down.
It has been such a cold week, Cutesy decided to bring a warm pair of socks for Boogs. He was hiding out on the Christmas tree. These socks have adorable hedgehogs on them wearing Santa hats.
THE FLOOR IS LAVA! We had a good laugh this morning and had to be very careful to stay off the floor.
Cutesy saved us from burning our feet this morning by letting us know that the floor had turned into lava.
He found the lava floor diagram HERE.

We can't wait to see what Cutesy the Elf will do next. You can find his previous elf antics on my Cutesy the Elf Pinterest board or by clicking the "elf" tag at the bottom of this post.

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