Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Cutesy the Elf December 21st - 23rd

Cutesy showed up today with a fun little project for us to do. We had fun painting tree circle ornaments with acrylic paint. I just need to add some ribbon so they can be hung on the tree.

I used an elf stamp on this one before painting.
This is supposed to be a chickadee eating sunflower seeds out of a hand. We are sad to miss our annual chickadee feeding hike because of covid this year. Hopefully, travel restrictions will be lifted soon and we can go visit my in-laws.
Instead of bringing an actual treat, Cutesy played a trick today. He hid a banana flavored lollipop, with a scorpion in it, under one of the cups for Boogs to find.  

I told Boogs it only counted as a win if he could find the treat in only three tries. It took more tries than that. I don't think he felt all that lucky when he eventually did pick the correct cup.
Boogs seemed "thrilled" with the lovely treat. He asked if he should eat around the scorpion or if it was truly edible. He tried to eat it but said it was so disgusting tasting that he nearly puked.
Cutesy brought more of the same the next day. He left out special "chocolates" for Boogs. They were actually brussels sprouts covered in chocolate.
It certainly looked like it would be a tasty treat.
Unfortunately, when Boogs picked up the first "chocolate" the chocolate coating stuck to the one underneath it and pulled some of the coating off. It clearly showed Boogs the brussels sprout so he did not take a bite.
Cutesy was in a kind mood today. He had a Ferrero Rocher chocolate tucked in his pocket for Boogs.
Boogs liked that chocolate much better than the ones Cutesy tried to make.
I can't believe there are only two more sleeps until Christmas. We will soon be saying goodbye to Cutesy until next December.

You can find all of Cutesy's elf antics by visiting by Cutesy the Elf Pinterest board or by clicking the "elf" label at the bottom of this post.

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