Sunday, January 1, 2017

Annual Bird Hike & Tobogganing

We left for Canada to visit my husband's family on December 19th. We had an amazingly easy day of travel. Our traveling luck held out with wonderful weather during the first part of our visit. Boogs was thrilled with the snow in Ottawa. The first full day we were in Ottawa, I had to go get Boogs a new snowsuit. I had forgotten to pack his snow pants. I also forgot to pack my camera. I guess that is what I get for packing the morning we were leaving town. It all worked out, Boogs old snow suit was over two years old and he barely fit into it. The new one should be big enough to last for two years. After Boogs put on his snow suit, he spent at least three hours in the front yard playing in the snow, came in for a bite to eat, and then went back out to play in the snow.

The next day we went on our annual feed-the-birds hike. We have been going on this hike with my husband's family since before Boogs was born. Last year, there was no snow so Boogs was thrilled to have a snowy hike this year.

We loved watching all of the squirrels. This little guy, took over a bird feeder. He let me get really close to take a picture before scampering off.
Boogs tried his luck at feeding the birds in this lean-to.
With a few seeds in his hand and a few more on his hat, birds stopped by in a constant stream.  Can you see the bird sitting on top of Boogs' hat?
Daddy left this message in the snow for Boogs to find.
Boogs wrote a message back for him.
We kept walking to our usual bird feeding spot. Now I am going to post way too many pictures of the birds landing on our hands.
We probably stood with our arms extended for an hour. After a while, Boogs had to use his other hand to prop up his arm.

This little squirrel was sticking his tongue out at us. He kept stalking the bird feeder, waiting for us to move out of his way.
I showed Boogs how to pick a spot where he could rest his arm on some small branches.
Grandmaman and Grandpapa headed back to the car while we stayed to feed the birds a little while longer.
We took the long way back to the parking lot and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
We always have to go have a Harvey's burger when we go to Ottawa.

We dropped Grandmaman and Grandpapa off at home before we headed to Mooney's Bay sledding hill. Boogs tried to stand on his saucer and slide down this little hill on the way to the sledding hill.
He fell down right after I took this picture.
Boogs went down the big side of the hill first. It took me a while to have the courage to try it. It was fast and far.
The climb back up the hill was long and tiring. We were the only people at the hill for most of the time we were there.
It was fun riding down the hill together on the toboggan.
Here are a few more pictures from our afternoon of sledding. It was a beautiful day and we certainly got in our exercise coming back up the hill.

Daddy was standing at the bottom of the hill, in our way. He kept moving in line with where we were coming down just to mess with us.  

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  1. Oh I laughed out loud at the video, what fun! I can't tell you how many years it is since we last saw snow here. I totally want to go somewhere snowy watching this. The fun and excitement is just great. I remember your bird feeding hike from last year, it looks even more special this year with all the snow on the ground too. The photos of the birds eating from your hand are brilliant, this is so special.

    Thank you for linking up to the 1st #CountryKids of 2017

  2. I'm so envious of all the snow - we hardly ever get snow here and when we do it's rarely more than a light dusting! Sledding looks like so much fun and I love how the birds came and landed on Boogs' hat and ate from his hand :-) #countrykids