Monday, July 18, 2016

2nd Week of July (part 1)

Since the swim team season ended last week, Boogs had time to attend a camp. This is Boogs second year participating in the Mobile Loaves & Fishes Camp. The camp ran Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. The camp is held at a local Catholic church, this year's focus was on worldwide hunger. The campers learned about hunger at a local and global level. Each day Boogs helped with one of the following tasks: making meals to feed local families, organizing food pantry supplies, and creating survival kits (water, toothpaste, razor, granola bar, and Slim Jim meat stick) to pass out to the homeless. At the end of the week, each camper was given one of the survival kits to pass out with their family. The campers also did crafts, played games, and learned about social justice, human rights, and equality. The food and supplies the campers helped make/put together were taken on the Mobile Loaves & Fishes trucks to be handed out each evening to those in need. I think it is a great experience for Boogs to serve others and be a part of a bigger community than just our neighborhood.
On his way to camp with some canned goods to donate.

We kept busy in the afternoons and evenings this week. On Monday, we went to the library. When Boogs was little he used to always stop and play with this artwork outside the library.

On Tuesday, Boogs had his team banquet for swim team at the pool. He swam until 9:15 p.m. On Wednesday afternoon, Daddy took us out for another tourist day at Lake Travis. We ate lunch on one of the many decks of the Oasis restaurant overlooking Lake Travis. Boogs was enjoying the sunshine.
 Boogs was super excited about our afternoon boating adventure.
When I first met Daddy 16 years ago, he had his own boat that we used to take out on Lake Travis. Wednesday's boat ride brought back some memories for us.
 There were hardly any people out on the lake. It was so peaceful.
If you look up and behind Boogs, you can see the Oasis restaurant where we had lunch.
 We went close to the dam.
Boogs was a little nervous about riding on the tube float. He kept asking, "What happens if I fall off?" Once he fell off the first time, his anxiety cleared up because he knew what to expect. Then he wanted to go again and again.
Boogs has such an adventurous spirit. I love hanging out with him and seeing his reactions to new experiences.
Daddy did an excellent job pulling Boogs around in circles and straight runs with just the right amount of speed.
 Boogs looked like he had a porcupine hairdo when he finished tubing.
We were worn out after spending the afternoon in the hot sunshine.

After camp on Thursday, Boogs had a friend come over to spend the night. Of course, we had to spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool. I really do think Boogs is part fish. The boys had a great time at the pool.
 They had a pool noodle batttle.
 They took turns shouting phrases underwater for the other person to guess.
We had to take a walk around the park for a bit of Pokemon Go! Boogs' friend caught a couple of Pokemon to add to his collection.
 The boys made their own pizzas and had a picnic dinner with a  movie in our theater room.
 It was too hot to camp in the backyard, so we set up the tent in the theater room.
 The boys were asleep by 11:00. Whew, it was a long day.
This post is getting too long. I will post part two of our 2nd week in July in a little bit.


  1. That is a jam packed week of fun. The food awareness camp sounds so worthwhile. It's great that he's learning this. Lake travis looks beautiful and what an experience on the boat tube! Happy summers! #countrykids

    1. He really enjoys going to that camp and has already asked to go next year.

  2. So much fun squeezed into a week. How lucky to have law fun and pool fun in one week aswell #countrykids

  3. You can't beat activities on the water can you! We live in Cyprus so are always battling the heat in the summer, unfortunately I'm not a fan of boats as I tend to feel sick! Luckily we have a shared pool for our apartment complex so we are in that nearly every day!

    1. Sorry you get sick on boats. Boogs would live in the water if he could.

  4. Oh my all this in a week! such a wonderful start to the holidays for Boogs. That camp sounds amazing and something children everywhere could benefit from, it is so humbling to stop and think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Then was an excitement out on the boat and the float. I've tried this myself and just loved it. Summer with you sounds incredible.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Boogs enjoys this camp and learns a lot from it. He also loves spending time in the water any way he can.

  5. Your camp sounds great. Not only great fun, but a great learning experience for the kids too with all of its social and ethical focus points. The float ride looks exhilarating and I love the 'after hair'!
    Potty Adventures

    1. I try to find opportunities for Boogs to help others. Boogs hair has a mind of its own when it is windblown.

  6. Goodness what an amazing week! Love the topic on the camp. Never too early to teach kids about hunger. And the activities you did the whole week is amazing. My fave is of you guys in the boat. It really does look so calm in there. I am so jealous of your week! So full packed =) #countrykids

  7. The boat ride looks like lots of fun #countrykids

  8. You look like you had so much fun out on Lake Travis #countrykids

  9. This looks great fun! We're keen to take Ruaridh out on the flyer behind the boat soon. Actually we have a sofa inflatable and we're thinking, at 2 years old, it's probably the more stable choice! Looks lovely where you are! A bit different from our loch in Scotland!! x #countrykids