Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lunches for School

Story themed lunches from the past two weeks:

Return to Skunk Corners - The Ninja Librarian Book 2 by Rebecca Douglass
Boogs really enjoyed reading the first Ninja Librarian book. He asked me to contact the author, Rebecca Douglass, to let her know how much he liked the book. Ms. Douglas was kind enough to respond to Boogs' comment with a coupon for a discount on Return to Skunk Corners. This book picks up Big Al's story after the Ninja Librarian has left town. Big Al has to step up and help steer her town to become a community that works together to solve problems and threats - snowstorms, fires, getting women the right to vote & hold office, dealing with toughs from another town, and figuring out a way to get hot water for a bath. The Ninja Librarian eventually returns to Skunk Corners but it takes Big Al a little bit of time to forgive him for leaving. Boogs and I enjoyed reading this book aloud.

In the ELB lunchbox: turkey sandwich with a cheese skunk & forest fire drawing on top, yogurt, blueberries for the dark night Big Al was lost in a storm, red/orange/yellow bell pepper flames, broccoli, and spinach.

National Geographic Kids Magazine - Special Halloween Issue
We always learn such interesting facts about all kinds of animals when we read our monthly National Geographic Kids Magazine. This month they featured Funky Frogs. There is a fungus, called chytrid, that is killing amphibians all over the world. It attacks amphibians' skin and has wiped out some frog species in some forests. Scientists have discovered that Fringed Leaf Frogs are immune to the fungus and are researching them to figure out how to help amphibians threatened by the fungus.

In the ELB lunchbox: orange slices sunlight filtering through the blueberry sky and leafy foliage of the tropical forest, pb&j frog sandwich, pretzel branches, cheese stick twig, and salami.

Molly Moon, Micky Minus & the Mind Machine by Georgia Byng
Molly Moon is back for another adventure. In her previous books, Molly figured out how to become a hypnotist, how to stop time, and how to time travel. At the end of the last book, Molly discovered she had a twin. Molly is able to travel back to the time of her birth to see her twin. She is also able to see the exact moment her twin is kidnapped from the nursery. Her twin, Micky Minus, was kidnapped by a time traveler who wants to use Micky to hypnotize an entire town so Princess Fang can rule the world. In this book, Molly acquires the ability to read minds. Boogs has not quite finished reading this book, but I have a feeling Molly will be triumphant in her quest to save her twin.

In the ELB lunchbox: Petula ham & cheese roll, popcorn, marshmallow, yogurt raisins, quinoa bites, salad, kiwi, and strawberries.

The Island Adventure by Enid Blyton
Enid Blyton was a prolific writer. She wrote her first book in 1922 and by 1965 she had written hundreds of children's stories and books. The Island of Adventure was written in 1944 and is the first in a series of eight books. Boogs and I have just begun reading the first book in this series and he is already asking for me to try and find the rest of the series. Jack, Dinah, and Philip meet at a summer school session. Jack has a pet parrot, Kiki, who never leaves his side. Philip is constantly collecting animals - mice, worms, insects, and many others. The two boys strike up a friendship. Dinah, Jack's sister, wants to be wherever Jack is. The three become friends. As the summer session comes to an end the three children plot a way to sneak Jack and Dinah to Philip's house.

In the Laptop Lunchbox: Jack in an almond butter & jelly bed sandwich with Kiki on his shoulder, popcorn, mixed nuts with cranberries, pretzel sticks, mango, and salad.

Little Passports - A Global Adventure
When our Christmas Elf left for the North Pole, he sent Boogs a subscription to Little Passports. Each month, Boogs receives a package from Sam and Sophia as they travel the world on their magic scooter. The package has a small souvenir, an information booklet, a flag sticker, an activity booklet, and a postcard about a specific country Sam and Sophia have visited. Boogs has enjoyed learning about South Africa this month. Someday Boogs wants to see the "Big Five" African animals in person - lion, rhino, buffalo, leopard, elephant - but not too close. It is fun to open up the big world map and place a sticker map marker on a new country each month. You can find out more about Little Passports here.

In the ELB lunchbox: ham & cheese elephant sandwich, South African flag marshmallow, carrots/broccoli/spinach grasslands, fruit cup sun, mixed nuts, and okra chips.

My ELB ( and Laptop Lunchbox ( are my go-to lunchboxes. I love the three perfect sized compartments of the ELBs and the colorful boxes of my Laptop Lunchbox.

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