Friday, April 17, 2015

9th Birthday Kirby Party

Time seems to be flying by so quickly. Boogs recently turned 9-years-old. Where have the years gone? Boogs asked for a Kirby birthday party this year. He always has a few ideas about what should happen at his birthday parties. This year, he asked for a bouncy house, a scavenger hunt, a Kirby Pinata, and Pin the Hammer on King Dedede.

Every year I make Boogs a birthday shirt with his age on it. Kirby was very easy to freezer stencil on a shirt. (HERE is a quick tutorial on freezer stenciling) Boogs thought his birthday shirt was awesome!
Usually, I make the pinatas for Boogs' birthdays but I did not feel like dealing with the mess this year. So I went searching for a pinata I could use for Kirby.  I found this:
... a pink princess pinata. Boogs was not impressed when I brought it home. It was a nice shade of pink and a perfect circle. I bought a roll of pink streamers and cut up a bit of colored paper to turn this into a perfect Kirby pinata.
Boogs liked it and so did the other kids. Unfortunately, there was a light rainy drizzle during quite a bit of the party. We had to smash the pinata in the garage. The kids did not seem to mind. There was plenty of loot to go around.

The tables in the background of the picture of Boogs hitting the pinata, show our craft tables. We had pink shirts and fabric paint out on the tables so the kids could make their own Kirby face shirts. I was surprised how much they enjoyed it. One kiddo even wore his hand painted Kirby shirt to school this week. I forgot to take pictures of them working on their shirts.

Boogs helped me figure out how to make Pin the Hammer on King Dedede.
It was fun watching the kiddos try to place the hammer in King Dedede's hand. We play this classic party game every year with our different themes.
I spent quite a bit of time drawing Kirby faces on things for the party. I made these balloons for the kids to play balloon ping pong. Boogs asked if everyone could have their own balloon to hit instead of sharing with someone else.
The kids ended up playing a sort of paddle ball with the balloons. It was a good thing I made extras because several balloons went over the fence.  This simple game kept them entertained for a long time. Luckily, we had a break in the drizzle and they stayed dry during this game.

Boogs asked for a scavenger hunt game. In the Kirby games, Kirby has to collect things like stars and rings. So, I grabbed an old shape puzzle and individually wrapped some wooden shapes in pink tissue paper. My plan was for the kids to find each one, feel the shape through the numbered baggie, and use their Kirby notepads to write down their guesses for each shape. I did not hide them before the party because of the rain. Later, we ran out of time. I ended up putting the homemade Kirby notepads in each kiddos pinata favor bag.  The few kiddos who left late, had a chance to guess each shape. They really thought it was fun.

If you saw my post about Boogs' Skylander party last year, you might recognize these cans. I made them for the "Golden Can Shoot". We have played with them off and on during the past year. Last week, I took them out of the garage and taped Kirby villains onto them. One of Boogs' favorite Kirby games is Kirby Epic Yarn. We had to have something to go with that game. I wrapped a pink yarn ball around a small bouncy ball and tied it to a baseball hat.
We set the cans up in the backyard in two rows and let the kiddos take turns trying to knock them down without using their hands or dragging the yarn ball on the ground. It was harder than it looked.
It was so much fun to see the kids try to line up the yarn ball. It kept swinging in crazy directions. Everyone else cheered from the porch while they waited their turn.
Even some of the moms tried it out.
We kept having to dry out the bouncy house with towels because it was a bit dangerous with all those kids in there when it was wet. This is the only picture I took inside the bouncy house. Boogs ran in and jumped in it before his guests showed up. We love having bouncy houses at our parties. They always get a ton of use.
I freely admit that I am the world's worst baker. This is my attempt at a double layer strawberry Kirby cake. At least it tasted delicious.
After the party, Boogs thanked me for making it so much fun. He said he knew it was a lot of work to get ready and he was very happy about how it all turned out. He was glad his friends came over to help him celebrate turning 9.

I love my little boy so much. I can't believe that he will be in the double digits next year. It makes me a little sad. His father and I truly enjoy what a wonderful, goofy, sweet, funny, and kind little boy he is.

Of course, I had to make Boogs a Kirby lunch during his birthday week. I saw Anna the Red's lunch and had to copy her ham and cheese Kirby.
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  1. this is just the sort of fun I have always done for my triplets here at Coombe Mill. they are coming up 11 this year and want to go out for lunch and ice skating, personally I will be sad not to be having fun and games on the farm! Well done on an amazing effort for Boogs and thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. I know I will be sad when Boogs decides he is too old for these kinds of parties. But, I think I will also be a little relieved.

  2. What a great party! Well done you. Happy birthday Boogs!