Monday, November 10, 2014

Nonnie & Poppa's Visit

My parents were kind enough to come stay at our house to watch Boogs for five days while my husband and I went out of town. I did not realize how much we do in a week until I had to write notes about everything going on with Boogs during those 5 days. Boogs had after school choir practice, Tang Soo Do twice, swim team practice, and he sang the national anthem at the Texas Stars hockey game with about ten kids from his school. I was so sad to miss that performance.

Before the game, Boogs got to dress up in combat gear just to see what it was like.
This is a picture from the jumbo screen while Boogs was singing. Unfortunately, the kids were in a tucked away spot where my parents could not get a good picture of him singing. The sound did not work on the video they took.
 Boogs enjoyed the game.
 He and a school friend sat next to each other and shared a blanket.
 I love how my mom plays with Boogs. She had Boogs teach her how to ride a scooter.
 They zoomed up and down the block for a while.
Boogs told me he was very happy to have us home but was sad at the same time that Nonnie & Poppa had to go home.

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