Sunday, March 23, 2014

Active Weekend!

It has been a couple of years since my last Warrior Dash but I was happy to run this race again this past weekend. Warrior Dash is a 5K race with obstacles throughout the race. Click HERE to see pics/videos of the obstacles on Warrior Dash's website.
My friend D was not feeling all that great. She was having a bit of difficulty breathing due to allergies. So, I stayed with her during the race. We mostly walked it and only jogged a little. It was still fun. It reminded me of playing at my Grandma Love's house when I was growing up. Grandma Love lived way out in the county so we had plenty of time to crawl under barbed wire, slosh through mud, climb trees, try to maneuver a wheel barrow through close together pine trees, climb in and out of deer stands, crawl through brush, etc. I love that the Warrior Dash race brings back so many good childhood memories.
The last obstacle is always a crawl through mud pits. Usually, there are water tanks available to rinse off the mud. Unfortunately, there was no water this time. We used towels to rub off as much caked on mud as possible. It felt like a long ride home. D and I stopped at a little place to eat on the way home. We used their restroom to wash the mud off of our faces but it was still splattered in our hair and all over the rest of us.

Boogs had his first ever soccer practice and soccer game this past weekend. He said he had a great time.
 He started out as goalie but really wanted to be in on the action.

 The weather started out sunny but colder as he played. At half-time, I made sure to put long pants and a long sleeved shirt on Boogs in an attempt to stop his shivering.
 There was no score keeping at the game. Both teams made a couple of goals.
Boogs is already looking forward to next weekend's game. He also said he is waiting to turn 14 (more than 6 years from now) so he can run the Warrior Dash with me.

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  1. The Warrior Dash looks great fun - well done for competing, no wonder Boogs wants a go our children would love to take part too. What a shame Boogs was in goal, if he was running around he would have been lovely and warm - maybe next time. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun.

  2. Wow, the Warrior Dash looks like a right laugh! Mud pits - that's total childhood nostalgia, right? Well done for surviving sans waterbucket! #countrykids