Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lunches January 6th - 10th

Boogs' lunches are usually inspired by the books we read together. Story time is part of our daily bedtime routine. Boogs reads to me and then I read to him. I usually post his lunches once a week. Click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post to see lunches from previous weeks. We like to pack our lunches in ELBs and Laptop Lunchboxes.  

The Dog Who Cried Wolf by Keiko Kasza
Boogs enjoys Keiko Kasza's books. Her illustrations are absolutely adorable and the character's faces are very expressive. In this story, Moka listened to his owner read a story about wolves who run free, hunt, and howl at the moon. Moka thought about his life as a family dog and decided he wanted to be as wild and free as a wolf. He ran away from home to begin his great wolf adventure. Being a wolf was not as wonderful as he expected. Moka became homesick, hungry, and scared. He soon realized that home was the perfect place for him.

In the Laptop Lunchbox: Moka toast howling at the cheese moon on top of a pb&j sandwich, dried apricot, tomatoes, spinach, and grapes.

Remembering Universal/Disney Trip Lunch
Boogs and I were talking about his favorite memories of 2013. He said he would always remember the trip we took to Disney World and Universal Studios in December. He helped me plan a lunch based on our trip. In the ELB lunchbox: red&black pick in salami in honor of the Spiderman ride, Wheat Thin Snowflake Crackers for the snow on Main Street during the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, cheese stick with Minion fact for Boogs' favorite ride - Minion Mayhem, spinach tortellini for The Hulk rollercoaster, and kiwi to match the color of Shrek's skin.

The Notebook of Doom: Rise of the Balloon Goons by Troy Cummings
Boogs decided during the holidays that he likes reading. Finally!!! It has been such a struggle to get him to read anything on his own that was not required reading for school. He has always loved to be read to and listen to books on tape/CD. The holidays have been over for a week and he is still wanting to read as an independent leisure activity. Yay! I hope his new found joy in reading continues to grow. This book was kind of the beginning of his attitude change towards reading. Cutesy, our Christmas elf, gave Boogs this book as a going away present on Christmas morning. It is part of a new category of books, called Branches, offered by Scholastic. The Branches books are chapter books that bridge the gap between leveled readers and traditional chapter books. Boogs loves them!
In Rise of the Balloon Goons, Alexander moves to a creepy new town. He finds a notebook filled with details about monsters. Then, Alexander notices balloon men moving threateningly through town. Alexander is able to overcome the balloon goons with luck, quick thinking, and help from a few friends.

In the ELB lunchbox: balloon goons drawn on almond butter & jelly sandwich (Boogs made sure I knew that this goon was not accurate, all of the balloon goons have two eyes), balloon goon cheese stick, balloon goon carrots in hummus, and blueberries.

 Just a lunch
Boogs specifically asked for these items for his lunch. In the ELB lunchbox: grilled ham & cheese sandwich, baby spinach leaves with Italian dressing, and applesauce. They are "just a lunch", no cuteness added. :-)

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski
I uploaded the photos from my camera and came across this picture of a lunch I sent to school with Boogs before the Christmas break. This is a really great story about giving someone the benefit of kindness because you never know what someone else's struggles are in life. Jonathan Toomey, known around town as Gloomy, is the best woodcarver in the valley. He is always gruff, grouchy, and sad. A newcomer to town hires Mr. Toomey to carve a set of figures for her Christmas creche to replace the one's that have been lost. The widow's 7-yr-old son is allowed to watch Mr. Toomey carve the figures as long as he stays quiet. The boy interrupts Mr. Toomey's work to tell him how he is carving each thing incorrectly. The boys remembers his figures as happy sheep, a proud cow, important angel, smiling baby Jesus, loving Mary. Mr. Toomey has suffered great loss in his life but the boy's genuine interest and the widow's kindness slowly begin to change Mr. Toomey's heart. It is a beautiful story.

In the ELB lunchbox: ham & cheese sandwich with carved bird cutout, carved cheese angel, Wheat Thin bell cracker for the town bell Mr. Toomey always grumbled about, broccoli, carrots, & tomatoes for carving tools, and mango.

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  1. Yummy lunches and I love how you created The Christmas Miracle lunch! I hope Boogs is feeling much better!

    1. Thanks, Rina. Boogs is feeling much better! We are only dealing with simple allergies this week, no crazy fever spikes.

  2. Oh I've been wanting the Notebooks of Doom books for John! LOVE knowing the Boogs has it!

    1. Boogs has read all four of the books in the series and really enjoyed them. He got the Scholastic Branches four book series "Looniverse".

  3. The Notebook of Doom bento so cute!! love the toast art!