Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wahoo! Fun First Week of Summer

GM, here is how we spent our first week.

Boogs and I had a good first week of summer! He had a swim meet last Saturday (6/8) then spent the rest of the weekend at Nonnie and Poppa's house. We had a little bit of a rough start to our Monday. Last summer, I found a daily review of skills calendar for entering 1st grade. This year I made a calendar of skills for Boogs. Monday was the first day to use it. The day's task was to fill in a hundred chart using his best handwriting. He said he wanted to save it for afternoon work, not morning work. He told me if it were afternoon work then we might just forget about and get to skip a day. He completed it but he tried all kinds of negotiation tricks to get out of it. Last summer, he did a daily review task without a single complaint. By the end of the week, he no longer had a problem with doing morning work and was thrilled to find that the calendar was blank on Saturdays and Sundays. The tasks are not difficult and do not take long. We are doing other learning activities as well as the calendar.

We were busy this week. Monday - morning work, menu planning, swim practice, library book fair, grocery store, Father's Day gift shopping, and cooking. Boogs is helping me with our weekly menu planning for the summer. His job is to plan and cook dinner for us every Wednesday.
Tuesday - morning work, swim practice, card making, playing with friends. Wednesday - morning work, trampoline place with friends, picnic and play at park, splash park, Boogs made dinner. Thursday - morning work, swim practice, movie Epic with friend, friend over to play, library to get a new book on cd for the car. Friday - morning work, watched Princess Bride, swim practice, shoe shopping, and quiet afternoon at home. Saturday - 5:30 to noon swim meet, lunch with Daddy, lazy afternoon. 

Early in the week, Boogs told me, "You are ruining my summer. I thought I would get to sit at home, play on my Wii, DS, and computer and watch tv all day for the whole summer."

Swim Meet

Morning Work

Water Fight with Momma

Splash Park

Air Hockey at the trampoline place

Rock climbing wall at the park

Watching the movie Epic

Ready to swim!

Boogs won his first heat ribbon. 1st place in his heat for backstroke. Wahoo!

We have spent a lot time together reading and hanging out this week. Only 10 weeks left of summer.

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