Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lunches June 10 - 14

This was our first week of summer. I made Boogs breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day this week but only got around to making one story themed lunch.

I Know Here by Laurel Croza
This is a sweet story about change and transitions. A little girl lives with her family in a trailer in Saskatchewan. Her father has been working on building a dam. When the dam is complete, they will move across the country to Toronto for her father's next job. The girl talks about the things she knows and loves as she draws pictures to take with her to her new home. The teacher, in one of the other eight trailers on their road, marks their location with a large yellow circle and places a big red star on Toronto as she prepares her student for the coming change.  Boogs and I discussed what things he would draw for his memories if we had to move. His first response, "Would my hamster get to come with us?" Then he said he would miss his friends on our street, his school, his swim team, and Texas.
In the lunchbox: pb&j trailer with cheese circle for Saskatchewan and red star for Toronto, pretzel &  broccoli tree, apricot flower buds, green bean for green fields, and blueberries for the creek.

Boogs asked for a "snacky" lunch: ham, cheese, Ritz crackers, blueberries, yogurt, carrots, and ranch dip.

I did not take pictures of any of his other lunches this week. Instead I was taking pictures like these from Wednesday: 

Picnic and play at the park

Water fight in the backyard

Bouncing at a trampoline place
Playing at the Splash Park

I LOVE SUMMER!!! We have been busy having fun and throwing in a bit of learning, too.

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  1. These are an inspiration. Story themed lunches is something that I have never quite got round to doing. This is a push to have a go! Visiting from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

  2. We need to have more of the snacky lunches here. JDaniel would love to help me cut up the shapes for the lunch. I will be sharing this post.

  3. I love the lunches especially the snack lunch, looks so yummy. Have a great summer! :)