Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafty Playdate

Last year, my friend and I met each week for a fun learning playdate with our kiddos. Things got hectic, I went back to work, and the weekly get together stopped. We are on Spring Break this week, so we were able to get together again.

When we were at the library last week, Boogs chose to checkout several monster books. I asked him if he wanted to do some sort of monster craft this week to go with his book picks. He helped decide on a papier-mache monster project.

It was a busy couple of hours while the kiddos worked on their creations.
(I forgot to take my camera with us. All of the photos were taken on my iPhone and they are not very good.)
I checked out Papier-Mache for Kids by Sheila McGraw and Papier-Mache Project Book by Marion Elliot. We also read Go to Bed Monster! by Natasha Wing and My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck.

After looking through the books, the kids decided what kind of project they wanted to do. Big Sis and H decided to make 3-D creatures with E's help. Boogs and B decided to make masks. Our paste recipe: 1/2 c. flour, 1 c. very warm water, 2 TBL salt (to reduce molding); mix it altogether until their are no lumps.

I love seeing how engaged the kids were in this activity.

Boogs took his mask home to finish drying and then add another layer before painting it. I don't think we will see C and her kids again in the next couple of weeks, so everyone is going to complete their projects on their own. Boogs needs to let his dry, add another layer, and then paint on his monster details. I will post a picture of the final project when we finish it.