Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stuff We Have Been Up To

It seems like it has been taking a while for me to get back into the groove since our holiday vacation. 

We went to Luling this past Saturday and had lunch with my 94-year-old grandmother, my parents, my sister and her family, my cousins, and my aunt & uncle. It was nice seeing everyone.

Boogs and I started working on some late Thank You cards. We decided to do some shaving cream/food coloring prints on them. We put shaving cream in a pie pan, added a few drops of food coloring, gently swirled it around, then pushed cardstock on top of the designs. They turned out really well. Now, we just have to sit down and write the cards.

After the shaving cream prints, Boogs decided that he wanted to make a "brew". He takes all sorts of things from the spice cabinet, pantry, and fridge and mixes them together. He really enjoys doing this.
This time he used salt, cinnamon, paprika, pepper, pickle juice, corn starch, cloves, olive juice, lime juice, parmesan cheese, perfume, and a few other things. It looked disgusting.

Daddy helped him add some vinegar and baking soda to see what would happen. Ewwwww!

Then, Boogs smelled it. His expression says it all.

Boogs also spent some time this weekend with his bike. Daddy helped him ride his bike without training wheels for the first time. I was taking a nap so I did not get a picture of it.

It has been pretty quiet around here. We are just trying to find our groove again.

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