Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Wrap-up Part 1

What did we do during the holiday? Here's the answer (mostly in pictures):
I finally remembered to take a picture of this year's Gingerbread House.

Boogs made an ornament for Daddy.

Boogs' new skateboard.

My husband gave me a Discovery Flight. "You will fly the aircraft with an experienced instructor and learn first-hand how easy it is to become a pilot. You will learn how aircraft operate, conduct a pre-flight of an aircraft, and actually take the controls, all under the guidance of a top-quality FAA certified instructor."

Wahoo, we are going to experiment with a new chemistry lab.
My husband got a new light for his office.
We drove from our house to Dallas, spent the night in a hotel, and then flew out of DFW to Canada. On the drive to Dallas, our car's coolant light went on. We made it to our hotel, but our car had a bad radiator leak. We left it at the hotel and were later able to make arrangements for a repair shop to tow the car and repair it so it would be ready for us upon our return to Dallas. We had to FedEx the key to the repair shop. Luckily, everything worked out perfectly.

When we arrived at the Ottawa airport, Aunt Jo had antlers for Boogs.

The first thing Boogs wanted to do when we arrived at Grandmaman and Grandpapa's house was to roll in the snow.

Cutesy found his way to Ottawa for one last visit. Apparently, he had to parachute in. He left Boogs an activity calendar to help count down the days until his return in December 2013.

Lots of snow!!!

Boogs enjoyed sledding. He did not mind the cold temperature at all.

He loved playing in the snow. He would have stayed outside all night if I would have let him.

Ready to go tobogganing.

Grandpapa made a delicious turkey for Christmas Dinner.

While visiting relatives, Boogs and I worked on this straw and connector structure. We needed extra help to get it standing up straight.

It was a bit shaky, but it did not fall over.

We spent a lovely evening visiting at Grandmama's sister's house.

Boogs spent hours putting together this Lego Spaceship. He was so patient with it.

Tada! It is finished!
Boogs lost a tooth!

The tooth fairy left American and Canadian money and Daddy's friend gave Boogs some tooth money, too.
Of course we made time to visit the library!

We had fun playing games with Grandmaman and Grandpapa.

We even had a bit of arts and crafts time.

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