Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Weekend

Last Thursday and Friday, Boogs told me, "My voice is hoarse." I told him he was probably suffering from allergies. I really did not think anything about it until Friday night when he would not eat his dinner. He said, "I can't even swallow water. I can't eat." I looked in his throat with a flashlight and it was speckled red and white. We went to his pediatrician's office on Saturday morning for a strep test. It came back positive. Boogs was very upset that he was not going to be able to play with his friends on Saturday and Sunday. We spent most of the weekend just hanging out and resting.

After two doses of antibiotics, Boogs was feeling a lot better Sunday morning. He wanted to go out on the back porch and play a few games. We had a cold front come through and it was (Texas) cold outside. Boogs and I bundled up and played a few games of checkers before getting too cold to stay out any longer. We came back inside, started a fire, and played cards for awhile. The cold weather only lasted about a day and a half.

We spent part of our Sunday getting a new battery for my car. In a way, I am glad that my car and Boogs got "sick" on the weekend.

This is my third week back at work in an elementary school. My posts are most likely going to be more sporadic as I adjust to my new schedule.

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