Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three Generation Hike

Nonnie and Poppa, my parents, invited Boogs and I to go hiking with them at Enchanted Rock State Park. When I was growing up, we visited and camped in this park several times a year. On one visit, we ventured into one of the caves on the rock. There were ten of us going through a cave with one flashlight, two lighters, and no idea where the cave would take us. That was quite an experience.

For this trip, my parents picked us up a little after 7 a.m. Boogs is not a sleeper so I did not have to wake him up. He is usually up EVERY morning between 5:45 and 6:15. The scenic drive out to the park took a little over an hour. Boogs spent part of that time reading the Texas State Park Guide so he could figure out what other parks he wants to visit.
August is not the ideal time of year to hike in Texas, high temperatures this time of year are often at or over the 100 degree mark. Luckily, we picked a windy day for our hiking adventure. After stopping in at the ranger station, we parked the car and headed for one of the trails.
Finding our starting point.
Checking out a large grasshopper.

 We hiked the half mile Summit Trail to the top (1825 feet) of Enchanted Rock. Boogs loved exploring this area. We saw many different kinds of insects, plants, erosion & weathering of the rock, and spectacular views of the surrounding hill country.

Picture for Mom. :-)
It is a long steep hike.

Poppa kept up pretty well.
The wind blew the bubbles
off of the bubble wand.

We had to stop several times for bubble

Boogs said the wind was trying to
carry him away.
Boogs wanted to explore the caves.

It was a tight squeeze.
Trees near the top of the rock.

Boogs said this looked like a Star
Wars ship.

A rare occurrence of me in a picture.
Leaving the trail.

Boogs pointing out where we had been.
Picnic time

At other times of the year, this bridge is covered
with water. Today the creek bed was completely
After leaving Enchanted Rock State Park, my dad decided to take a scenic route to Inks Lake State Park for a bit of swimming. The scenic route he choose was about an hour of driving on bumpy dirt roads that bottomed-out at creek beds. It really made me appreciate asphalt! Growing up, we spent many weekends camping at Inks Lake. My mom most clearly remembers the camp out when my sister and two friends (ages 9-11) tried to swim across the lake with one inner tube. Boats were dodging them, the inner tube started deflating, and my mom was not really a swimmer. They all three made it back to shore safely but were not allowed in the water again. That was the same camp out that I got such severe sunburn that I had blisters all over, including on my lips. I still remember how miserable that was. Maybe that is why I never let Boogs set foot in the sunshine without sunscreen. Inks Lake is a great place for swimming if you use sunscreen and common sense.
This is such a pretty lake.

Nonnie tried throwing Boogs.
Boogs liked it better when Poppa threw him.
Look at that diving hand position.
We swam for about 1 1/2 hours before heading home. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a fun day and great memories.


  1. What a wonderful time.. and memory in the making!! I am blessed to live between my parents and grandparents, so we have four generations within sight of each other!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. How wonderful to have your family so close to you!

  2. What a great day!! It looks like everyone had a great time and how wonderful that you are sharing the places you remember going to as a child with Boogs. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!