Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mayborn Museum

After diving class last Wednesday, Boogs and I went with a group of friends to the Mayborn Museum in Waco, TX. We love this museum! Boogs still fondly remembers the Castle Lego exhibit they had in 2010. The kids had a wonderful time. There are so many rooms/exhibits to explore. Encounters with the Maya is the special exhibit at the museum this summer. When we arrived, Grupo Pakal was performing Mayan dances in the rotunda. Here are a few pictures from our museum visit.

Boogs said, "Look! I saw one just like this on American Pickers,"

The News Crew. Their reports were "interesting".

Boogs said he was escaping from jail while Officer Z watched.

Pulleys and weights

I may have to try and make something like this for our house. Boogs is  fascinated by these large marble runs.

Cowboy Boogs

He could not find a pail so he used a basket to milk the cow.

Churning butter

Cooking dinner

Boogs and Z said they were making, "chili, gumbo, buns, and fresh butter" for dinner.

Mayan Exhibit

Mayan Exhibit

Glass floor to view an archeological dig. There was a cast of a mammoth partially encased in rock under the glass floor.
July 2010 flashback.
The kids were definitely worn out by the time we headed home.

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