Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Pics From the Past Week Or So

Grandmaman - a few pictures for you to enjoy:
Student-led Conferences - "The best part of kindergarten was... the chiks" I love this sweet & silly boy!

Crazy Hair Day at school. Boogs picked the colors and the style.

Home Depot Kids Workshop - making a planter box.

Planting a tomato in his not-quite-dry planter box.

"Can I get my feet wet?"

Apparently, Boogs does not know where his feet end.

I rolled his shorts up Daisy Duke style in an effort to keep them dry. It did not work out for us.

Hanging with "The J Boys"

Boogs is studying the bug on his arms.

Making french toast for breakfast. (Ignore the messy kitchen)

Boogs has started to like working on activity books.

Boogs lost his 2nd tooth on Wednesday, May 9th. He asked me, "Can we write a nice note to the Tooth Fairy and ask her to just borrow my tooth? I really want to keep my tooth for an old memory." We wrote her a note. She wrote back, agreed to just borrow the tooth, and left $2 under Boogs pillow. In the morning he asked, "Do I need to save these two dollars to give back to the Tooth Fairy for when she brings me back my tooth?" He is such a cutie!


  1. Enjoyed the pics...Love that boy..he is getting sooo mature...GM

  2. I love that he wants his tooth back! JDaniel would have been wet all over after being near the water.

    1. He was staying pretty dry until one of his friends started throwing water all over Boogs' back. That is why I always carry a spare set of clothes.