Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my handsome husband's 43rd birthday. He wanted a low-key day. So Boogs and I met up with him at his office, went to an early dinner, then headed home to open presents. Boogs decided he wanted to give his daddy a present they could work on together during their "Daddy Day" time. He spent a long time making his choice. He gravitated toward the Science kits. We had several items laying in the aisle to make sure he made the best choice. Some of the things he thought might make a good gift were: model car, Bat Mobile model, model jet, paper airplane launcher, robotic tin can, super Science experiment kit, microscope and a few others I cannot remember. He finally chose the Snap Circuits Jr. Kit which claims to let you "have fun learning all about electronics" and "build over 100 exciting projects". Boogs wanted to open it and see what the kit looked like out of the box. He told me we could put everything back in the box and Daddy would never know it had been opened. He became a little upset when I did not let him open it before we wrapped it. The first project Boogs wants to work on with his Daddy is to make an alarm that sounds like an ambulance. I think they will have fun working on this kit together.
Making the birthday card.
1, 2, 3, 4...I declare a thumb war.

He liked the card!
Boogs had to help get it open.

Boogs explained all about the projects.
Daddy whispering that Boogs' gift was better than Momma's gift.


  1. That sounds like it'll be so much fun to work on together! Great idea! Happy 43rd birthday to your husband.

  2. Beth - they have already started working on it. It is great. Boogs has to read the schematic and place the pieces in the proper place. They are having fun with it.