Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warrior Dash

I ran another Warrior Dash race. This time I went with my Cousin Leigh. We had a lot of fun. The course was a little more difficult than the one I ran in November. The obstacles were: run through waist high water, run through empty wooden buildings, climb over wrecked cars, climb over and under wooden barricades, scale a huge wall, walk across some up and down planks, run through a ton of tires, crawl through tangled bungee cords stretched between several trees, crawl through a long pitch-black tunnel on your knees, crawl across raised nets, climb up and over a cargo net, climb up and over giant stacked bales of hay, wade through deep water and climb over/under 6 floating logs (I went over not under), leap over two lines of fire, and finish off the race by crawling under barbed wire through a mud pit. I finished one minute slower than the race I ran in November. Not bad considering I was on antibiotics and a steroid dose pack to cure my sinus infection and bronchitis. I only had one bad coughing fit during the entire 3.26 miles of the race. I love these races. I am doing another one, Crusader Course, in June. My mom said she might even sign up to run the Warrior Dash with me in November this year.

My knee two days after the race.