Sunday, February 20, 2011

New House Update

We went by the new house on Saturday, 2/19. The builder asked us to go to the model home and get hard hats to wear whenever we want to do a walk-through. We both looked SOOOOO attractive in those hats. Boogs stayed at the model home with one of the sales people while we wandered through the house. I can't believe how quickly it is progressing. The roof is on, the windows are in, and you can tell what each room is. Our current house has a contract pending and we are ready for May to get here so we can move into the new house.

Standing at the kitchen island.

My Vanna impersonation on the stairs. 
You can see the reinforced floor on the right side of the ceiling.


  1. How exciting!! It's really coming along!

  2. Looking great, We need to swing by and see the progress that's been made since you posted. Liam was looking over my shoulder and was so excited to see that you have stairs. I don't think he quite excepted my response that the stairs would not be for him to play on or go up.