Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Pics Part 2

One of Boogs favorite Christmas-time traditions is feeding the chickadees. Grandpapa and Grandmaman take us to a trail where the birds will swoop down and eat sunflower seeds from your hand.
GP pulling Boogs on the saucer
Daddy giving Boogs a spin

Here come the birds
Boogs trying to be VERY still

They like me
They like Grandmaman, too

Another one of our yearly traditions is to go to the Science and Technology Museum. Boogs really enjoys the Krazy Kitchen and the lighted maze of tunnels.
Boogs was so excited
The telescope goes out thru the roof

Connecting circuits
Tunnel maze

The trains are huge
Krazy Kitchen is slanted

Grandmaman in the Krazy Kitchen
Boogs volunteered to be in the "chain of pain" and received quite a shock.

Boogs volunteered for an air friction experiment. He was very brave.
Sitting on a bed of nails.

An alien is trying to get into the spaceship.

My sweet boy. I love him soooo much.

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