Saturday, February 5, 2011

Observations by Boogs

Boogs has been giving me an earful of interesting information this week. I wrote down a few things he said. His observations make me smile.

Superfinder is back. He is Boogs’ made-up super hero. This week I learned that “Superfinder has a sidekick robot named Superdog. Superdog can crack where bad robots are standing with his bark. The bad robots fall into the middle of the earth and melt.”

“If you have a very bad inspection (infection) you have to go to the hospital.”

“When I get a guitar and start playing, we will have to soundproof my room.”

“Telephones came after that old-time tap tap tap way to send messages.”

Boogs was a Buddy Buck instant winner at the grocery store. He got to go pick out a prize at the customer service desk. He chose a bowl and spoon set with the HEB Buddy character on it. He asked me what the sticker on the bottom of the bowl was for. I told him it was to identify the bowl and then read it to him. I read that it was made in China. He yelled out in a shocked voice, “What? Made in China! Then I can’t lick the bowl. It has that bad Chinese paint.”  So we had a discussion about food-safe products.

“I love licking bowls, but in a glass the bottom is too far away from your tongue to lick it. My favorite thing to lick out of bowls is pudding.”

Boogs – Can solid gold move?
Me – Only when it is heated into its liquid form.
Boogs – King Midas could make solid gold move. He took old milk and made it gold milk. His was liquid gold.

“Remember in the old days and we didn’t try to sell our house? Now we have a lot of meetings. I miss that.”

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